Camp Info and History

In 2003, an idea was born....


The idea was to bring kids into an atmosphere of healthy fun while teaching them Godly values.  From that idea, the birth of ESCS Sports camp came to be.  Our purpose is not only to teach sports and its rules.  We also emphasize character building, team unity, and most importantly, Christ-like character.  We teach the kids the values of winning and losing, and how to win graciously and lose with dignity.  The first year of our camp saw 40 kids, 6 staff members, 2 junior teams, and 2 major teams enter our doors.  The following year, the amount of kids doubled as well as the staff.  We began to add field trips, guest speakers, and special events.  In 2019, we anticipate over 140 kids, 35-40 staff members, and 5 teams per division.  God has blessed this camp beyond measure and has allowed it to grow beyond anyone's wildest dreams.  We couldn't even begin to imagine that this camp has become what it has.  We thank God for all His blessings upon this camp and we look forward to what He will do in the kids' lives this year.  




9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM



7:00 AM TO 8:30 AM -  3:15 PM TO 6:00 PM (approx. $4.50 per hour)



6 weeks-$800.00 

(30 days at 6 hours per day = $4.45 per hour average)

*5 weeks or less-$150.00 per week ( 3week Minimum)

*Includes: Camp Shirt, Camp Awards, and Events



10% off for 2nd child, 15% off for 3rd child



Grades K - ending 7th Grade



Post Camp Child Care!!!

7 AM - 6 PM

August 5 - 16



Baseball                                  Special Guests

Basketball                               Inflatable Play Day

Soccer                                     Video Game Room

Floor Hockey                          Movie Morning/Showtime

         LOCK-IN!!!!-Major Division ONLY!

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